Monday, July 3, 2017

Transformers: G1 Skalor (Seacon 1988)

Today I received a generation 1 Skalor in the mail. Skalor is part of the Seacons which came out in 1988. The Seacons are a group of Decepticons (6 total) who can combine and form Piranacon. 5 Seacons can form him and the sixth can be used as a Targetmaster gun.

As you can probably tell from the name, all the Seacons turn into some sort of sea creature, except Snaptrap who turns into a tortoise. Skalor is a coelacanth, a fish from prehistoric times that was thought to be extinct for about 70 million years until they were found alive in the 1930s. He has a nice mold with a recognizable coelacanth tail and head and a movable fin on his back. He does have, however, arms and legs as well. But he still looks cool. You can even open and close his little fish mouth. Most of his body is blue, while the head and feet are a light pink and the mouth, arms and dorsal fin are a darker pink. He has a large Decepticon symbol on his fish forehead and some stickers on his legs. He should also have a Decepticon symbol on his robot chest, though mine is missing that.
Don't let this guy punch you!

To transform Skalor, you fold down the fin on his back and then flip back his tail to reveal his head. Next you pull down and rotate the fish head to form the legs and feet. Lastly, you move the "fish legs" down and flip out hands to make the arms. And while I don't particularly like all of the Seacons' robot modes, I do like this one.

Skalor is also supposed to have two guns that can connect together to be used in any of his three modes, though mine did not come with those.

All in all, Skalor is a good little figure to add to a Transformers collection, especially if you have the other Seacons to for Piranacon.

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